Realtime PCR Detection System

LineGene 9600 plus series Realtime fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system is the latest products of Bioer's.


Realtime PCR Detection System


Thermal cycler

GeneTouch is the newest multifunctional PCR of Bioer's.


Dry Bath

Dry bath is much cleaner, non-polluting, compact, moveable, reliable, simply to operate compared with former water bath.

Water Bath

Water bath stable performance, good reliability, is divided into single-heating and Heating&Cooling type,
choise different functions to become a variety of functional water bath.

Molecular biology reagent

Reagents is another major product of Bieor's except for the PCR instrument products, which research and development since 2002.
The HCMV PCR kit has been certified by the SFDA.


Supportive Products

Bioer also actively supply customers with the necessary life science laboratory equipment and consumables.

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